background Edit

he is a character who gives missions in Dino World. he is an enemy of Rudy and loves Momma Dino. when he got swallowed by a theropod, he says: " as he began to swallow me, I knew I needed revenge. I clawed up, and saw a gross pink fleshy thing dangling just above me, and here's the best bit: I seized hold of his big pink punching bag, yep, I hung on to that sucker...and swung back and forth and back and forth 'till it was swinging violently, and then I felt the pressure and my new life grow inside me, launched myself of, with a yell of fury, and with all my might, punched his tooth straight out!" and Manny replied: "or you went insane". Buck loved mating with Momma Dino, a T-Rex who he had crush fever on. Momma Dino saved Buck from Rudy, the theropod who nearly killed Buck. Buck got Rudy and Momma Dino to mate.

carnivorous plant Edit

he saved Manny and Diego from a meat eating plant. first, he randomly cut the red stem, causing the plant to start digesting and crushing them. as Buck painfully stretched his arm to grab the knife, in excitement, his willy slipped out, and the others made criticizing comments. Buck cut the blue stem next. the plant went sploom, and Buck was launched out with a yell of: "Ajsheirky! yeah!" revealing his other name is Ajsheirky. the others were baffled at how explicit his life is.

Rudy's defeat Edit

after roping Rudy up, he pulled out a tooth. Rudy got free, and ate Buck, but Buck escaped by swinging on his uvula. Rudy cornered Buck ajsheirky, but Buck was saved by Momma Dino.

trivia Edit

  • he is based on ajsheirky in adventurers.
  • he calls his testicles "cocky".
  • the creators stated Buck is "mentally un-ok".
  • he shows slight affection to Rudy, but because of his mental illness, he can't show this to Rudy.
  • the buck is also a decoration.

gallery Edit

buck breaking the icea weaselbuck's jokebuck.

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