Easter Bunny (Limited)


Easter Bunny Baby




2,000 Easter basket, 25 Acorn

Recharge Time

5 Hours

Income (Full Family)

8,000 Coin

Experience (Full Family)

140 EXP

Egg Hatching Time

12 Hours


Spring Habitat


The Easter Club

The Easter Bunny is a limited Ice World Animal primarily available around Easter.

The first family member must be bought with Holiday Tokens. The remaining family members cost Acorn .

Release History:

  • April 17-29, 2014.
  • April 1-15, 2015 (Easter). Price in the Easter holiday shop changed from 100 Eggtoken and the Shop price for rest of family dropped from 30 Acorn .

Incomplete Family Earnings
Family Members Coin EXP
1 4,000 70
2 5,000 87
3 6,000 105


The Orange Rabbit, Hare, and Easter Bunny for comparison.

  • Full family in the old spring habitat


  • Hatch time was lowered from 120 hours in 2014.

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