A place for noting both current and corrected glitches.

Current GlitchesEdit

  • Background/foreground glitch in Dino world: animals or decorations that should be in the front appear in the backBackground Glitch Dinoworld
  • A display glitch that sometimes appears when visiting other villages

Corrected GlitchesEdit

Hyrax Tree

  • Snowboard Halfpipe on top of level 14 trees.
  • One heart on level 9 trees turned yellow
    • Hyraxtreegold1

Family Member Prices

  • There used to be a bug where if you had no connection to the internet, each family member cost was decreased by 1/4. For example, the fox is normally 90 acorns, but it could go down to 62, and so on. However, this no longer seems to work.</li></li></li>
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