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Players unlock the Hyrax Tree at level 20. It is essentially a fun building that produces Coin every 24 hours in your own village. It will occasionally produce an Acorn instead. When you visit a Friend's village and collect from their tree, you will receive Heart .

The Hyrax Tree is not yet available on the Nook or the Windows Phone.


The tree starts off small and can eventually become the full-grown tree with yellow hearts that you see in Scrat's village. Each time you "level up" the tree, another pink heart is added to it's branches. Once you level up 5 times, the tree will grow, and you start the same process again. To level up, friends must collect from your Hyrax tree.

Even if you never add friends, you will still be able to grow your Hyrax Tree, it will just take longer. Each time you collect from one of the character's villages that has a Hyrax Tree, they automatically collect from yours.

As the tree grows, it produces more Coin for you, and more Heart for friends who visit your village and collect from it.




  1. of


to next level


( Coin )

Stage 1

Level 1 hyrax tp

1 1 3,200
Hyraxfound3 2 3 3,340
Level 3 hyrax tp 3 5 3,480
Level 4 hyrax tp 4 10 3,620
Stage 2 Hyraxb 5 25 3,760
MoreHyrax 6 50 3,900
Hyraxg 7 75 4,040
Image 9 8 100 4,180
Hyrax3 9 150 4,320
Stage 3 Hyraxtree10 10 250 4,460
Hyraxtree11 11 350 4,600
Hyraxfound 12 500 4,740
Level 13 hyrax tp 13 750 4,880
Hyrax Level idk 14 1000 5,020

Stage 4

(Final Size)

Level 15 hyrax tp 15 ? 5,160
Screenshot 2014-06-12-21-32-33 16 ? 5,300
Hyrax Tree 17 ? 5,440
Hyrax level 18 18 ? 5,580
19 ? 5,720
20 ? 5,860
21 ? 6,000
Hyraxfound7 ? ? ?
Hyraxfull ? N/A - Complete ?


  • Before 2014, the Hyrax Tree's income was not affected by decoration bonus. This was changed sometime in March 2014.
  • Originally the tree was complete at level 15. More levels were added in 2014. Now it takes longer to complete the tree. The progress bar also used to show how many collections were needed to get to each level, which is how the exact number is known for some of the levels.
  • Sometimes trees look like this in other villages when visiting (or this could be what level one looks like? Unknown.):Hyraxfound4

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