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Ice Age Village is a popular town-building game for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Kindle, and Nook. The game promotes the successful Ice Age movies. In the game, you help the Ice Age characters by building a town for various animals who lost their homes. This wiki details game concepts and explores game strategies.

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There is also an Italian Ice Age Village Wiki.

Game Concepts


Other Concepts

Download Links

Google Play Page

iTunes Page

Official Game Trailers

Launch Trailer

Ice Age Village - Official trailer by Gameloft00:49

Ice Age Village - Official trailer by Gameloft

Continental Drift Update

Ice Age Village - Continental Drift update-000:49

Ice Age Village - Continental Drift update-0

Official Sites

  • Go here for Gameloft's list of Known Issues and Frequently Asked Questions (it is updated quite often).
  • Visit the Ice Age Village Facebook. Gameloft frequently posts hints about upcoming sales, limited items, and game updates.


For the latest information, check the Game Updates page!

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