Ice WorldEdit

Starting Village SizeEdit

Starting village

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On a 1x1 scale (measured using a 1x1 decoration), every player starts off with a 14x14 square of land. All expansions from then on out are half that size, 7x14. Until the player reaches level 11, the maximum size of the village is 42x42, a total of 16 expansions available.


Current Coin Price

Old Coin Price

(pre-Feb 2014 update)

Acorn Price
1 Free Free -
2 10,000 Coin 10 Acorn
3 50,000 Coin 20 Acorn
4 100,000 Coin 30 Acorn
5 150,000 Coin 40 Acorn
6 200,000 Coin 50 Acorn
7 250,000 Coin 55 Acorn
8 300,000 Coin 60 Acorn
9 400,000 Coin 65 Acorn
10 500,000 Coin 70 Acorn
11 600,000 Coin 75 Acorn
12 700,000 Coin 80 Acorn
13 800,000 Coin 85 Acorn
14 900,000 Coin 90 Acorn
15 1,000,000 Coin 95 Acorn
16 2,000,000 Coin

10,000,000 Coin

99 Acorn

First increase in maximum village size - Level 11Edit

This should be available in every player's game, regardless of device.

At level 11, "your village breaks free of the mainland and becomes a floating chunk of ice. Your village size will increase to 56x56. This is the first time you see Sids Egg Rescue open up as well as see the expansion to Dino World starting to be built." (©Gameloft claims that the update doubles your village's maximum size. It is not entirely true because if you divide 56x56 by 42x42 you get something around 1.78 => not 200%.).

Basically, this means there are 14 additional land expansions available to purchase (although most players don't need them until many levels later).

Expansion Current Coin Price

Old Coin Price (Pre-Feb 2014 update)

Acorn Price
17 3,000,000 Coin 15,000,000 Coin 105 Acorn
18 5,000,000 Coin 20,000,000 Coin 110 Acorn
19 7,000,000 Coin 25,000,000 Coin 115 Acorn
20 9,000,000 Coin 30,000,000 Coin 120 Acorn
21 11,000,000 Coin 35,000,000 Coin 125 Acorn
22 14,000,000 Coin 40,000,000 Coin 130 Acorn
23 17,000,000 Coin 45,000,000 Coin 135 Acorn
24 20,000,000 Coin 50,000,000 Coin 140 Acorn
25 25,000,000 Coin 55,000,000 Coin 145 Acorn
26 30,000,000 Coin 60,000,000 Coin 150 Acorn
27 35,000,000 Coin 70,000,000 Coin 155 Acorn
28 40,000,000 Coin 80,000,000 Coin 160 Acorn
29 45,000,000 Coin

90,000,000 Coin

165 Acorn
30 50,000,000 Coin 100,000,000 Coin 170 Acorn

Game history note: this maximum village size increase was introduced in the Continental Drift update.

Second increase in maximum village size - Level 43Edit

As per Gameloft, this "should be available to all users; some very old devices might not be able to unlock . . . simply due to device limitations."

At level 43, "your village crashes into another iceberg and your village size is increased to 70x70. While your village is still completely surrounded by water the noticeable differences are on the bottom left and right edges of your village. You will notice a lot of the trees from the level 11 expansions are no longer surrounding the edges if your village."

Once this happens, 18 additional expansions become available, and they are all at the same price point.

Expansion Coin Price Acorn Price

31 - 48

50,000,000 Coin 170 Acorn

Game history note: This was the Feb 2014 update referred to in earlier tables on this page. Along with granting additional land parcels, the update also drastically lowered the cost of the first 30 land expansions. Originally, however, the 48th expansion cost 200,000,000 Coin or 450 Acorn . In March 2015, Gameloft lowered the price to match the others, apparently in response to player feedback.

Third (and final) increase in maximum village size - Level 50Edit

This is where some older devices can no longer keep up in terms of performance. Per gameloft: "Level 50 expansions will not be available for iPod 3, iPod 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 1. The very minimum requirements to unlock level 50 expansions on Android/Amazon are 1GB RAM and Android 4.1. However there are other factors such as screen resolution and graphics processor that might prevent an Android/Amazon user from unlocking the level 50 land expansions."

Final expansion1
At level 50, "your floating ice village will crash back in to the mainland and become reattached to the rest of the world! This set of expansions increases your available land size to 98x98. ...If you view the very bottom center of your village theres a key item that can quickly tell you if youve unlocked all your land expansions. To the left of the bottom center of your village you will see a set of Rocks 3 just outside your village. Any land shown below thats blue-white is not land that you can expand to and is purely displayed for decoration/story (you crashed back into the mainland)."

The effect of this is that an additional 48 expansions become available. [Info needed on pricing].

Expansion Coin Price Acorn Price

49 - 96

? ?

All gameloft quotes taken from this page:

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