Scrat is one of the main characters in Ice Age; he is the sabertooth squirrel who's always looking for an acorn. it eventually caused a collision course of meteors in the Dino World.

Catching ScratEdit

Catching Scrat is a way to earn Coin and Acorn .


Scrat running across the screen

He runs across the screen every few minutes during gameplay in your village (although there is a longer time between appearances in higher level villages[1]) - if you "catch" him (by tapping him) and tap his acorn, you earn Coin . To figure out how many coins you can earn from him, multiply 150 by your level. As you get to higher levels, this makes Scrat a better earner than many Animals, and a far better coin reward than clearing Snow Piles! At Level 80 you earn 12,000 coins each time you catch him.

IMG 2201scrat

Scrat in your friend's village (which happens to be named Scratz)

You can also catch Scrat once a day when you visit friends' villages. He is much harder to find, but the game gives you a hint after a short period of time. You'll earn more Coin if you find him before the hint appears. You occasionally even get Acorn instead of Coin by finding Scrat here.

Decorations featuring ScratEdit

  • Scrat (the ice sculpture of Scrat)
  • Scrat in Ice
  • Scrat Memorial
  • Sphinx Scrat
  • Scrat Fountain
  • Bronze and Jade Scrat Statues
  • Rock Scrat
  • Scrat Flag
  • The Nazca lines (when put together, the image forms Scrat)
  • Carnivorous flower (he gets eaten by it)
  • All of the Columns
  • anda
  • egg tera sir