The Secret Garden is an upgradable holiday kit, launched for the Flower Festival event in Summer 2015. It produces income every 2 hours. Its size is 4x4.

It can be purchased for 220 Acorn in the Special section of the Shop, where it becomes available at level 23, but it can be upgraded for free by collecting from it. You can also upgrade it instantly, with a certain amount of  Acorn . The number of  Acorn needed goes down as you make progress towards leveling up through collections.

Image Kit Level # of Collections to Next Level Max # of  Acorn for Instant Upgrade


( Coin )

SecretGarden Level1
1 12 24 1,000
SecretGarden Level2
2 24 35 1,300
SecretGarden Level3
3 36 45 1,600
SecretGarden Level4
4 48 53 2,100
SecretGarden Level5
5 60 60 2,500
SecretGarden Level6
6 N/A N/A 3,000

Release History:

  • July 23-August 10, 2015

Sale History:

  • August 3-4, 2015: On sale for 110 Acorn (50% off).
  • August 7-9, 2015: On sale for 66 Acorn (70% off).

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