Snow Piles (in Dino World, they are Leaf Piles) regularly appear, at specific intervals, around your village as you play the game. They can appear on any empty land you own, but they also form on any "ground decorations," such as paths, grass, and footprint decorations. When you are decorating your village, remember where Snow Piles could appear. They will be hard for you to find if you have tall buildings or decorations with empty space behind them where Snow Piles could hide.

You "clear" them by tapping on them. They will always give you either 6n Coin (where n = your level), 1 Acorn , or one silver coin. If it is a big snow pile, you get 1 or 2 extra Coin for clearing it.

Coins are the most common reward, but the other two show up fairly frequently (approximately 5% chance of each[1]). Because of this, a good strategy is to let the game run while you do other things (like homework), but do a quick check every 15 minutes or so to clear the Snow Piles - you will eventually get a few silver coins to play KFS with. The most Snow Piles that will accumulate in your village at any one time is around 7 or 8, regardless of the amount of time you leave the game running or how much empty land you have. So remember to clear them periodically so more can show up!

Some Missions involve clearing a certain number of Snow Piles.

  1. Based on 450 trials which resulted in 20 acorns and 21 silver coins. This gives an value of 4.4% and 4.7% ± 1.9%