Large snowman kit
The Snowman Holiday Kit is a free item in the "Special" section of the Ice World Shop which is, in essence, a 4x4 fun building which produces Coin every 8 hours. It becomes available at level 22. As you have to grow it, it is like the Hyrax Tree, and will start off at level 1 - very small.

You can level the Kit up by collecting from it, or by upgrading it instantly, with a certain amount of Acorn . The number of Acorn needed goes down as you make progress towards leveling up.

Image Kit Level # Of Collections to next level Max # Of Acorn for Instant Upgrade


( Coin )

1 1 --- 950
2 3 24 1,330
3 9 45 1,710
4 16 62 2,090
5 25 78 2,470
6 --- --- 2,850

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