As I was messing with the animal page, I got curious about what all the recolors/holiday versions would look like grouped together, so. For now, I'm just doing this for my own amusement/dismay at how many there are lol.

I'm not saying special versions are always bad.

  • Some players like how the new versions look better than the regular - plus some have more/better animations.
  • Sometimes the holiday version, or whatever, is cheaper than the regular
  • Some players really like a particular animal and would be happy to have several versions of them in their village.
  • Some players might not display all versions of an animal, but they might appreciate there being a limited version of an animal that they could display instead of the regular one.
  • Really well-known color variations don't bother me as much (like the different kinds of bears and big cats, or the horses and zebras, or even "red-nosed reindeer") bc they don't seem quite as arbitrary.
  • Sometimes releasing a recoloration of a limited animal is a way of letting more players have a certain animal, but retaining the 'status' of those who have the original in their village.
  • And on another note, I wish there was a special version of the beaver, bc I like how they look and I'd like to keep them displayed, but their recharge time is so short that they constantly have the coin symbol over their head and that annoys me - a version with a longer recharge time would be great. Same with the trunkless start, imo.

But yeah, there are an awful lot of them, and most players aren't going to like all of them, so they can be a bit of a drag.

Singular animals

Animal-Ape Bat BeakyBirdie Beaver Animal-DivingBird Sneaky
DungBeetle Animal-Earthworm Gazelle Gorilla Hedgehog Snowy fox
Hippophant Wolverine1 Komodo Metri Monkey Stag
Piranhafull Rhino Sea elephant Animal-SeaOtter Sharkfull Trunkless
DireWolf Weasel Raptorex1 Panda Animal-BlackPanther Animal-Salamander
Cassowary Dolphin Hammerheadshark Hummingbird Animal-IrishElk Maelstrom
Narwhal Turkey Walrus Wombat Animal-Skunk Cephy1
Snake1 Animal-Theropod Animal-Steggy Flying dino Guanlong1 Muttaburrasaurus1
Pyroraptor1 Quetzal1 WildBoar3 StagMoose

Animals with Recolorations/Holiday Versions

Bonycap Bonykiss2 Paintedbonycap Soccerbonycap 12 World cup bonycaps

12 world cup


Sloth Green sloth Blue sloth Orange sloth Red sloth Reveler Sloth
Animal-Mammoth BrownMammoth Animal-GrayMammoth Mardimammoth1 Mammothval Circus mammoth
Raccoon GreyRacoon1 Pumpkin Raccoon Springtimeraccoon Procione studioso
Horse Brownhorse Circpony Zebrafuzzy Circzebra
Giganotosaurus1 Animal-HolidayGiganotosaurus Rare Giganotosaurus adult Squadrosauro Volcano saurus
Animal-BlackBear Animal-BrownBear Polar bear Bearc
SpikyFish GraySpikyFish1 Greenspikyfish Yellowspikyfish
Red ostrich Animal-GreenOstrich Animal-PinkOstrich Ostrichlimited1
Alligator1 Animal-AlbinoAlligator Mardicroc Rosegator
Allosaurus Alpha Allosaurus adult Animal-HolidayAllosaurus Scuolasauro
Archaeopteryx Greenarchaeopteryx1 Orangearchaeopteryx1 Yellowarchaeopteryx1
Bluemoth1 Greenmoth1 Redmoth Pinkmoth
Animal-T-Rex GrayT-Rex Partrex1 Red nosed trex
Iguanadon1 Egguanodonlarger Holidayiguanadon Mummysaurus
Seal FestiveSeal Foca laureata Circus seal
Dilophosaurus GreenDilophosaurus PinkDilophosaurus Rattlersaurusclearer
Velociraptor Animal-RaptoClaus Raptoroffreedom1 Clown osaurus
Aardvark Brown aardvark Animal-OrangeAardvark
BlueBird GreenBird Animal-OrangeBird
Elk1 Cherryblossomelk Shamrockelk
Fox Flowerfox Foxvalent
Hare Easterbunny Redhare
Animal-SabertoothTiger Animal-Leopard WhiteTiger
Spinosaurus1 Animal-Jack-o-saurus Skelesaurus2




Patagosaurus Animal-Bacchusaurus Loveosaurus
Parasaurolophus Cheerasauro Animal-HolidayParasaurolophus
Animal-Tiger Tigervalent Longdan
Giraffe Giraffevalent Circusgiraffe
Badger Pirate Badger
BlueCrab Crab
Animal-Chipmunk Chippermunk1
Dodo bird Basketdodo
Ermine Easterermine
Animal-Gravelbeast GravelKing3
MuskOx Shamrockox
Penguin Animal-CandyCanePenguin
Possum Stpatrickspossum
Rat1 Largereasterat
Reindeer Animal-RedNosedReindeer
Seagull Secret Seagull
Tapir Valentapir
Vulture Buzzard1
Eagle1 Goldeneagle1
Liama Summerllama
Wooly rhino Largernestingrhino
Ankylosaurus1 Largercandysaurus
Bluedimetrodon2 Greendimetrodon
Cacops Cacops Conjurer
Ornithocheirus1 Animal-Pterodaustro
Troodon PurpleTroodon
Acrotholus Eggolosauruslarger
Dracorex2 Luckyrex
Spider Skull Spider
Diplodocus Summersaurus
Camel Circcamel

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