World Cup Armadillos (Limited)
  • USA Armadillo
  • Argentinian Armadillo
  • Australian Armadillo
  • Brazilian Armadillo
  • English Armadillo
  • French Armadillo
  • German Armadillo
  • Italian Armadillo
  • Mexican Armadillo
  • Russian Armadillo
  • Spanish Armadillo
  • Swiss Armadillo




800 Soccer, 99 Acorn

Recharge Time

5 Hours

Income (Full Family)

8,000 Coin

Experience (Full Family)

140 EXP

Egg Hatching Time

12 Hours





These armadillos, customized for participating countries, are limited Ice World Animals available only during the 2014 World Cup, from June 11 - July 13, 2014. In the update info, Gameloft stated that they will not be brought back.

The first family member must be bought with Soccer . The remaining family members must be bought with Acorn .

Incomplete Family Earnings
Family Members Coin EXP
1 4,000 70
2 5,000 87
3 6,000 105

  • USA Armadillo in an in-game pop-up


  • Hatch time reduced from 120 hours in 2014.

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